Heat Causes Early Harvests

Drought and heat have led to a lot of bad news this summer. The fires, of course, and field after field of dead crops. But there is a “silver lining” to the rainless cloud. Farmers who are fortunate enough to have access to water, are seeing a longer growing season. Farmer and State Senator Greg Brophy tweeted about this. His watermelons, which are irrigated, were ripe super early. The earliest in generations. And he’s not alone. Other farmers have seen a precocious crop. Ryan Warner speaks with Senator Brophy, who tells us what’s going on at his farm east of Denver, near the Kansas line. Next, Warner speaks with Colorado Department of Agriculture Deputy Commissioner Ron Carleton about what farmers around the state are seeing.

Listen to Heat Causes Early Harvests reported and produced by Shanna Lewis for Colorado Matters.

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