Baker at Colorado State Fair: ‘Pie is the happiest thing I do’

Teeny Lamothe’s love of pies started when she was a child, baking with her mother in their Littleton home. A few years ago she decided to go on a “Pie Tour” to learn everything she could about pie. She apprenticed with professional bakers around the country and took what she learned to launch her own pie business in Washington D.C. She even wrote a cookbook, “Teeny’s Tour of Pie.”

“Pie is the happiest thing I do,” says Lamothe, who makes about 200 pies a week for her customers, rolling every crust out by hand. The book includes recipes such as “Bourbon Bacon Pecan Pie,” a creation for adventurous eaters. She puts a twist into a few traditional pie recipes too, like “Rosemary Caramel Apple Pie.” The secrets of the crust: Teeny’s recipe uses whole wheat flour and — a suprise ingredient — vodka. She’ll be demonstrating her pie prowess and talking about her new book at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.

See recipes and listen to Baker at Colorado State Fair: ‘Pie is the happiest thing I do’ reported and produced by Shanna Lewis for Colorado Matters.

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