A Father’s Love Of Son With Autism And Pack Burro Racing Blend In Book By Colorado Author

Autism and the very Colorado sport of pack burro racing come together in a new memoir by Colorado Central columnist, outdoorsman and rancher Hal Walter. “For sure no burro gets up in the morning and thinks, ‘Dang, I think I’ll run up a 13,000-foot mountain pass today,'” Walter, who lives near Westcliffe, says. “Likewise, no autistic kid gets up in the morning and thinks, ‘I think I’ll conform with societal norms today.'” The book is called “Full Tilt Boogie.” Walter is a seven-time champ in the sport where competitors lead donkeys loaded down with at least 33 pounds through the mountains.  With Father’s Day coming up, Walter speaks with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner on Colorado Public Radio.

See more and listen to the conversation at: http://www.cpr.org/news/story/fathers-love-son-autism-and-pack-burro-racing-meld-book

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