Pueblo Levee Repair Work to Get a Late Start

Work to repair and extend the levees that protect downtown Pueblo from flooding will likely get underway again early next year, a little later than expected.

This phase of the project includes taking about 12 feet off the top of the Arkansas River levee. The dirt removed will be used to extend the levee along Wild Horse Creek, which flows into the Arkansas.

Work is generally scheduled for the winter due to lower river levels. Consulting engineer Kim Kock says the late start shouldn’t be a problem because the main levee work doesn’t require going into the water, and the Wild Horse extension will be mostly on high ground.

“Low flows through the creek will not impact construction operations,” says Kock. “Major storms could have some impact.”

The lower part of the concrete panels on the Arkansas River levee won’t be removed during this phase, but the murals painted along this stretch will be damaged by the work starting this winter.

Listen to the story on KRCC News

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