Normal Toxin Levels at Two Parks in Colorado Smelter Superfund Area in Pueblo

Toxin levels at two south Pueblo parks within the Colorado Smelter Superfund area are normal, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Lead and arsenic were left behind when a south Pueblo smelter ceased operations in 1908.

EPA toxicologist Charles Partridge says soil sampling at Bessemer Park and Stauter Park show some of the lowest urban levels of these toxins he’s seen. He says the two parks can be used without restriction.

“For Benedict Park,” Partridge added, “we need to continue to do more sampling. Remember Benedict Park is right next to where the smelter was.”

The EPA will continue testing soils in the neighborhood. The agency recommends that residents living within the Superfund study area continue removing shoes before entering their homes and wash their hands frequently.

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