Lessons From The Intersection Of Science And History At The Headwaters of The Colorado River

This aerial view of the Kawuneeche Valley in mid-summer 1972 shows the Grand Ditch scar with rubble from breaching. 
(Courtesy of Dwight L. Harris/National Park Service MSF Neg. 7186)

Historian Thomas Andrews delves into the history of the headwaters of the Colorado river through the lens of geology, archaeology, biology and more. His book “Coyote Valley: A Deep History in the High Rockies” is a Colorado Book Award finalist.

The book explores the interaction of humans and environment in Coyote Valley, also called the Kawuneeche, about 100 miles northwest of Denver in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Andrews is an associate professor of history at the University of Colorado Boulder. He spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. Listen to their conversation and read an excerpt from the book at cprnews.org

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