The Holy Grail Of Baseball Cards Will Be At History Colorado For Just Three Days

Next week, an armored truck will transport a small piece of cardboard worth millions of dollars from a secret vault to the History Colorado museum. That slice of cardboard is the “Holy Grail” of baseball cards. It’s from 1952, featuring legendary Yankees center fielder Mickey Mantle. It’ll be on display for three days at the “Play Ball” exhibit alongside other items from baseball history, such as Joe DiMaggio’s uniform and a baseball used during the first Rockies game.

The Mantle card and other items come from the prodigious collection of private collector and Denverite Marshall Fogel. He spoke with Colorado Matters about what makes the card so valuable. It’s in mint condition and has a perfect PSA 10 rating. I’ll only be shown for three days, July 16-18, because of concerns about UV damage.

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