More Than A Million Copies Of Colorado Cache Cookbook Sold Since 1978

Meringue mushrooms, Mandarin salad, skier’s sausage—they’re just a few of the classic recipes found in the Colorado Cache Cookbook, a staple in Centennial State home kitchens.

The cookbook was first published in 1978 by the Junior League of Denver as a fundraiser. Today, more than a million copies of the Colorado Cache have been sold, with the proceeds supporting the women’s organization’s community service programs.

Long-time Junior League member Jaydee Boat oversaw the first edition of the classic cookbook 40 years ago, and burned out her hand mixer in the process of whipping all the eggs for those meringue mushroom cookies. Boat told Colorado Matters that some of the keys to the cookbook’s success were keeping recipes simple and fresh, and adding sections for Mexican food as well as fish and game.

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