The Fresh Food Connect App Gets Extra Backyard Garden Bounty To Those Who Need It

It’s the time of year that you start hearing about “the zucchini problem – you know – you grew too many zucchinis and you can’t give any away because everyone else is in the same boat.

Florist and backyard gardener Pamela Talley of Denver wants to get her extra produce to people who need it, especially with so many people facing food insecurity due to the pandemic. Well, there’s an app for that – Fresh Food Connect. It links folks like Talley with hunger relief and food distribution organizations that serve their local communities.

Talley says there’s nothing better than a homegrown tomato, “if a senior in my community can taste that this summer because of me… that’s pure joy that I am bringing into somebody’s kitchen that they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Denver Food Rescue is among the Denver metro and Boulder area organizations that use the app, and this year the number zip codes where the there are agencies using the app grown to more than 100 in three states.

Helen Katich is the CEO of the non-profit Fresh Food Connect. Listen to her conversation with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner on

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