Radio Portfolio

As an independent radio producer and journalist, Shanna Lewis’ work has aired on NPR’s newscast and news magazines, Voice of America, Prime Time Radio and Pulse of the Planet, among others. She has also produced hundreds of interviews for Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio.

This is a sampling of Shanna’s radio work – please click on the players or go to the links to listen to the stories:

Artist Paints Veterans’ Portraits in Vivid Strokes
Artist Paints Veterans’ Portraits in Vivid Strokes on NPR:

Helping Veterans Heal
Shanna was part of CPR’s collaboration with NPR photographer David Gilkey and producer Keith Jennings. They produced this multi-media segment: For Veterans, The Tough Climb Back To Civilian Life for NPR and Rocky Mountain PBS. She produced Helping Veterans Heal for CPR:


Skiing for the Army-Special Forces Winter Training
Special Forces Train At Monarch as heard on Prime Time Radio:


Homegrown Eggs
Homegrown Eggs Color Easter Celebration as heard on NPR:


Prayer Scarves – Knitting Together High Schools
Prayer Scarves as heard on Colorado Public Radio:


Bringing In the Hay In The Wet Mountain Valley
Bringing In The Hay as heard on Colorado Public Radio:


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