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Legal Pot Changes The Work Of Some Drug Detection Dogs

Widget (left) poses with $460,000 in contraband from a 2015 related bust. Sage poses with bags of heroin seized during a 2018 drug bust. Both are Pueblo Police Department Special Investigations / K9 Detectives. Photo courtesy of PUEBLO POLICE DEPARTMENT … Continue reading

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Sprint Sled Dogs Reach Speeds Close To 30 MPH

There’s a whole world of dog-powered sports that goes far beyond mushing huskies in the Iditarod. Instead, imagine specially bred sprint dogs teamed with humans on foot, skis, bikes, sleds, carts and more. They can reach speeds close to 30 … Continue reading

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Your Dog Could Be The Key To Curing Cancer

Our canine pals can get many of the same kinds of cancer that people do. Often they often respond well to human cancer treatments, so pet dogs with naturally occurring cancer can join clinical trials of new treatments that may … Continue reading

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