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EPA Seeks Comment on Colorado Smelter Superfund Cleanup Plan in Pueblo

The Environmental Protection Agency is requesting public comment on a proposed interim plan to begin clean up in the Colorado Smelter Superfund site in south Pueblo. The clean up addresses toxic lead and arsenic left behind when the smelter closed … Continue reading

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Normal Toxin Levels at Two Parks in Colorado Smelter Superfund Area in Pueblo

Toxin levels at two south Pueblo parks within the Colorado Smelter Superfund area are normal, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Lead and arsenic were left behind when a south Pueblo smelter ceased operations in 1908. EPA toxicologist Charles Partridge … Continue reading

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When The Superfund Site In Your Backyard Isn’t Your First Priority

When the Environmental Protection Agency puts a neighborhood on its Superfund list, you’d think everyone who lives there would be at all the public meetings. But, Michael Wenstrom of the EPA’s environmental justice program says it’s more complicated than usual … Continue reading

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EPA Enters Testing Phase for Colorado Smelter Superfund in Pueblo

As reported for KRCC News: (Listen to the story) The Environmental Protection Agency and public health officials held open meetings Tuesday to talk with residents in the south Pueblo neighborhoods listed as a Superfund site in December. The EPA eventually … Continue reading

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