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Job Corps Students Support Hayden Pass Firefighters

While crews are out mopping up hot spots and reinforcing the Hayden Pass Fire perimeter in Fremont and Custer counties, there’s a diverse group of young people working behind the scenes to keep the base camp running.

A temporary city popped up when the Hayden Pass Fire base camp moved to Westcliffe last week. Big tan supply tents, eighteen-wheelers carrying kitchen and shower facilities and a slew of smaller blue and silver tents appeared in a dusty field at the Custer County Fairgrounds.

It’s part of the Boxelder Job Corps Center’s assignment to work at the camp. The group has more than a dozen students “trying to make everything comfortable for the firefighters, keep everything clean, maintain the camp, help out the mobile kitchen as much as possible,” says eighteen year-old Deavontay Small Bear of Mission South Dakota.

Job Corps is a joint U. S. Forest Service and Department of Labor no-cost program for underserved 16 – 24 year olds. Continue reading

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Flash Point: Living With Wildfire

In the wake of last year’s destructive wildfires, Colorado’s residents, scientists, and government officials have been working hard to manage the ongoing threat. We’re not only mitigating our landscapes; we’re adapting our very understanding of what it means to reside … Continue reading

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2010 Southern Colorado Wildfires Update

Shanna Lewis speaks with Colorado Public Radio’s Anna Panoka about the Medano and Parkdale Fires

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Prescribed Burns May Reduce Carbon

Listen to Prescribed Burns May Reduce Carbon a Colorado Matters interview produced by Shanna Lewis

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