Southern Colorado History

This page contains links to pieces I’ve produced and written about Southern Colorado History.

The Ludlow Massacre and Colorado Fuel & Iron:

Remembering the Ludlow Massacre 100 years later

Descendants recount the Ludlow Massacre 100 years later

The Ludlow Massacre, A Century Later

Documentary Spotlights Greek American Miners In Shadow Of Ludlow Massacre

Colorado Coal Field Wars through the eyes of children

The story of what happened after the Ludlow Massacre in Colorado

It’s Taken 90 Years But A Rockefeller Is Coming Back To Pueblo

A Rockefeller Returns to Southern Colorado

Lessons from Ludlow: A Rockefeller Visits Southern Colorado


How National Forest Recreation Planning Got Its Start In Southern Colorado 100 Years Ago

Pueblo Mountain Park Marks 100 Years

Pueblo 150th History Series

Historic Entrance Restored To Pueblo City Park

Once Listed In Green Book, Pueblo’s Coronado Motel Gains National Historic Status

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